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From Robert Cowden's foreword to The Teaching of Action in String Playing book -  "Mr. Rolland...left a remarkable, unique legacy for the string instrument playing/teaching world. His innovative methodology revolutionized string teaching ... based on the physical movements essential to playing the violin."

Both the book and DVD, separately and together, convey a vast and thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of string playing and how to teach them, laid out in a systematic and scientifically sound manner.  A complete list of over 80 topics can be found by perusing the chapter outlines at

Topics include: Establishing the Violin and Bow Hold, Establishing Left Hand Placement and Finger Action, various Bow Techniques, Early Vibrato Teaching, energizing actions and movements to improve your string playing, and many more. The emphasis is on violin and viola and includes cello and bass techniques.

At Paul Rolland String Pedagogy Workshops, viewing the "Teaching of Action" DVD series includes discussion of Paul Rolland's ground breaking research. 

The DVD and book are available for purchase at a discounted conference price to registered participants. Please contact for book and DVD purchase.