Peter 'Doc' Rolland has had a 44-year career as a professional fiddling entertainer and fiddle teacher that has kept him "young at heart." His early training on the violin was from his father Paul Rolland, a founder and president of ASTA. With his father's encouragement, Peter applied his father's example to the genre of fiddling while he pursed his doctorate in mathematics. He organized classes and taught fiddling at five universities in the west. Through research into fiddling repertoires of elderly fiddlers supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Arizona Commission on the Arts, he has preserved and purveyed Arizona's fiddling and authentic cowboy music traditions to audiences in the United States, Canada and Western Europe for over three decades. He has won numerous fiddle contests at the state and national level, and trained many fiddle champions and professional performers. 

His career as a fiddling entertainer has taken him on many international tours, most recently a 24 concert tour with his 9-piece band of China.  In addition to gigging in many different genres (old-time fiddle, cowboy, bluegrass, traditional country, Celtic, etc),he does school workshops and residencies, teaches at fiddle camps and maintains a private teaching studio. He has operated a small violin shop and string instrument rental service since 1983. He has honed his skill as an arranger over 35 years of teaching fiddling classes, and Northeastern Music Publications, Inc. has published his folio of traditional fiddle tunes and cowboy songs arranged for school orchestra. 

As a music teacher, he emphasizes freedom and ease of playing, good motion patterns and a relaxed, balance-efficient technique, learning traditional tunes, making the fiddle talk, playing expressively, understanding style, diagnosing and analyzing technical problems, double stops, chord knowledge and understanding fiddle harmony.

In 2009 he produced and released the DVD of Paul Rolland's film series "The Teaching of Action in String Playing" ( 

In April-May of 2010 he did a teaching and performance tour of Germany, Belgium, England and Scotland. In Trossingen, Germany he was the featured clinician at a German Classroom String Teacher's conference and gave four workshops on American fiddling and how to incorporate it into the classroom. At the ESTA conference in Brugge, Belgium he presented a lecture/demonstration on both Rolland methods and American fiddling. ASTA published his article on fiddle teaching in the AST spring issue, 2011. 

Most recently he founded Rolland Fiddle Camp ( which had it's first annual summer camp in Colorado in 2011. Peter will be leading the fiddle sessions.

Dr. Peter Rolland