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Paul Rolland Actions Kids String Camp​

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Paul Rolland: Master Teacher and Pedagogical Researcher

“No one has rendered greater service to violin playing than Paul Rolland,” said Yehudi Menuhin. Born in Hungary, Rolland (1911-1978) became fascinated by the violin at an early age while listening to the Hungarian gypsy orchestras, and requested to have violin lessons. Upon graduation from the prestigious Franz Liszt Academy on violin and viola, Rolland was asked by his teacher, Imre Waldbauer, to create and teach a curriculum for a violin methods course. This assignment would be a pivotal event in Rolland’s professional life as teacher, researcher, mentor and educational activist. He came to the United States in 1938 as violist with the Pro Ideale Quartet. He accepted the position of professor of violin and chair of the string department at the University of Illinois in 1945.

In 1966, Rolland and U of I Professor Richard Colwell created and designed the government-funded University of Illinois String Research Project to test and validate his work. The project focused on all elements of Rolland’s theories with an applied emphasis on what he considered to be the critical first two years of a student’s instruction. Based on the project's final report and films, Rolland and Dr. Marla Mutschler co-authored the text and film series, The Teaching of Action in String Playing, which present the essential research results in a sequential curriculum format. The films (DVD) of the Urbana-Champaign project group taught by Rolland and Mutschler examine all the project subject areas of the two-year instructional program. In Rolland’s words, “These are the audio-visual presentation of whole to part to whole concept” of every physiological movement, playing action and pattern in precise detail and how they are optimally mastered.

Rolland’s body of work remains a significant primary pedagogical resource in contemporary string education.

--Dr. Michael Fanelli, Professor Emeritus, University of Northern Iowa

At Arizona State University

The Paul Rolland Actions Kids String Camp at Arizona State University will be an exciting and worthwhile 5 day experience. Join other young players of violin, viola and cello in daily sessions. You will be amazed at your achievement in only one week! If you have played one, two or three years and want to play even more string music, you are 'just right' for this camp!

The instructors are amazing! Dr. Jaime Johnson, from Mesa, AZ, Nancy Kredel from Fairfax, VA, Calvin Murasaki, from San Francisco, CA and Gail Rolland, from Mesa, AZ, are all super teachers and love to show how to use Paul Rolland Actions to succeed. (See the brief biography of Paul Rolland to learn more about his story.)

Kids Camp meets Monday through Friday, June 5 - June 9, 2017 from 1:00 - 4:00, every afternoon. This includes a snack break and a daily "know and show" review  for parents and Conference participants. A binder of music materials will be provided.

Pilates for musicians is also offered by Dr. Luciana Gallo to both the Conference and the Kids Camp.